All Southmoor students will have the opportunity to be involved in LOTE (Languages Other Than English) sessions in Korean. Students learn about and explore Korean culture in a variety of ways through stories, games, music and drama. Korean classes are held fortnightly for Grades 1 to 6, and weekly for Prep students.  
Since 2016, Southmoor students have been participating in the Global LYNCs Project. This program connects us with selected schools in Korea, allowing regular face-to-face online engagement with Korean teachers and students. At the end of the year, students exchange gifts and cards to celebrate their friendship. This partnership builds cultural awareness and appreciation among students and growth through classroom collaboration. 
Each year we take the opportunity to celebrate all the students’ hard work in Korean classes. On Korean Day, students perform a variety of Korean Dance and enjoy Korean music and cuisine. Students dress in traditional Korean costume and are involved in a day of fun, vibrant, enriching activities.
Southmoor offers a Taekwondo Program during lunchtime clubs every Friday, allowing students to take part in learning the basis of this Korean Martial Art.