At Southmoor Primary School Prep students are involved in a Reggio Emilia-inspired Program. Children are immersed in Inquiry-learning investigations based on their own areas of interest, centred around a given unit of work. One of the key Reggio Emilia concepts that underpins our program is that children have more than 100 symbolic languages in which they can share their understanding, feelings, wonderings and thoughts. Tasks are meaningful and hands-on, guided by the teaching team but with a less formal structure, allowing the children the creative freedom to follow their own path of inquiry to play, observe and experiment while actively exploring their world using a variety of methods. Children work in small groups with others that have similar questions, encouraging thoughtful and provocative communication while teaching the art of listening to others, developing respectful, healthy perspectives. Excursions are used to stimulate the children's interests, enabling unique explorations and interpretations of the world around them. The Reggio Emilia-inspired Inquiry-learning approach facilitates the development of deep conceptual understandings that can be translated into flexible and global contexts.