Community involvement

Community Involvement - Relationship Building

What outcomes do we try to achieve?

The strong relationships forged by Southmoor with our school community are an essential building block in the school's past success and future potential. Trusting relationships only develop over time and the ongoing communication between staff and the community allow for the development of existing and new relationships. The outcomes from our relationships have allowed for a significant volunteer base to be established with a vast array of projects successfully undertaken. These have provided student learning outcomes well outside what is provided by mainstream primary schools. We adopt the approach that 'everyone has a skill' when discussing in what way our volunteers can support Southmoor. The projects achieved by our team of many and varied supporters have allowed the students and staff of Southmoor to be provided with an inclusive and outstanding teaching and learning environment.

What have we achieved?

Many key projects supporting our learning goals have been undertaken over the last decade of the school's history. These would not have been achievable without the support of our community volunteer base. Working Bees, Parent Grade Liaison Representatives, television programs featuring Southmoor's programs, Newsletter articles, Sponsorship, press releases, Kitchen Garden Program Tours, visits and training by specialists, other school visits, staff sought-out to provide training in 'environmental best practice methods' have all played a major part in the following projects.

Projects completed

Tipi outdoor classroom, windmill water pumping station, hydroponic vegetable and seed growing, organic mulch processing, yabbie pond, aquaculture centre, still pond, extensive fruit tree orchard, grape growing area, wood fired oven, 10 rainwater tanks with capacity in excess of 100,000L, water pumps and timers, drip watering system to whole of vegetable growing area, prep playground and a wall mural showing the history of market gardening in our local area.