Our School A Message From The Principal Marie Kick

Welcome to Southmoor Primary School

Welcome! Southmoor Primary School was first established in 1963 and I am proud to say that during my time here as Principal our school has gone from strength to strength, due to our reputation for delivering innovative and dynamic learning within a nurturing, secure, beautiful and vibrant environment. Our students, staff and community all have a shared purpose which focuses on the development of the whole child to be happy, curious, compassionate, respectful, and resilient: the best they can be!

We provide an immersive educational environment that encourages our students to reach their full potential by providing opportunities to engage in valuable, meaningful learning designed to reflect the values and beliefs characterized by our school and staff. This learning fosters and scaffolds confidence, self-esteem, resilience, and a cultural, social and physical awareness of self, the community and the world around us.

At Southmoor, we strive for excellence in all areas of the curriculum, while recognizing the need to develop children who are positive, productive contributors to our global community, with the skills and growth mindset that enable them to maintain a passion for life-long learning, and a deep respect for the environment, our planet, other people, and for themselves.

Teaching and learning at Southmoor is mission-centred, critically important, action-based and empowering. Our students are immersed in inspiring and dynamic environments where they are given the opportunity to develop meaningful leadership skills which have relevance, adaptability and flexibility in today’s changing world.

Our school has a strong focus on Literacy and Numeracy, balanced with and inspired by environmental education and STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Maths), allowing our students to make connections between cross-curricular concepts through active engagement. This allows our students to learn creatively, equipping them to embrace the challenges and explore the wonders of the 21st Century, learning with confidence, curiosity and imagination, preparing them to make well-informed and open-minded decisions throughout their lives.

Our Prep children are involved in the Reggio Emilia Program which involves encouraging the children to view the world around them with a growth mindset. We offer Korean as a Language Other Than English, and we have strong ties with our sister school in Korea, with whom we share an ongoing relationship, celebrating both cultures. We offer Taekwondo and Korean Drumming to complement the Program. Our Design Technology Program has recently been updated by the installation of a purpose-built FabLab (STEAM centre). Our Digital Technology Program has benefitted greatly from a significant upgrade and has allowed the best delivery of 21st century teaching. Southmoor has long been involved in the popular Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program, teaching our children the importance of understanding where their food comes from through Growing, Harvesting, Preparing and Sharing. We have a comprehensive Physical Education Program, including swimming, athletics and Interschool sport. Our students enjoy Library sessions weekly in our Library Learning Neighbourhood Precinct.

Our basic premise remains:- "Children are always the only future the human race has; teach them well"


Southmoor Primary School is a school that values and fosters high expectations, clear goals, and a strong sense of shared purpose and commitment. Our core values are:

• Engagement and Perseverance

• Resilience, Responsibility and Teamwork

• Knowledge, Excellence and Innovation

• Social Justice, Inclusion and Trust

• Respect, Acceptance and Understanding

• Personal Growth, Environmental Awareness and Imagination

These broad understandings and values underpin all our teaching and learning curriculum programs.

Environmental Context

Southmoor Primary School was established in 1963, located on a generous 5 hectares in the Bayside suburb of Moorabbin, 21 km south-east of Melbourne’s CBD. Our grounds are meticulously maintained and are constantly being upgraded.

In the last few years Southmoor has benefitted from grants which have supported our focus on environmental initiatives and student health and wellbeing. In 2011 we obtained a 650 square metre Library Learning Precinct, funded by the Building Education Revolution Economic Stimulus Package. This magnificent space houses 4 classrooms, learning specialist offices, breakout areas and our extensive library. Our senior classrooms were given a thorough makeover in 2016, creating a colourful and inspiring learning space, complete with common areas allowing for either collaborative or individual creativity. The innovative design of our new prep wing and state of the art STEAM Fablab (added in 2018) subtly blends into our wetland and Kitchen Garden areas, with extensive decking added to encourage the importance of outdoor learning.

- Marie Kick | Principal