Southmoor Primary School is especially proud of our Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program. Southmoor was one of the first 10 schools in the state to introduce this innovative philosophy of teaching children about pleasurable food education. Students learn where their food comes from, and the enjoyable way in which we can plant, harvest, prepare and share food, encouraging positive food habits for life. Our Kitchen Garden consists of ‘no dig’ organic plots. Fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs are planted, tended and harvested for the canteen lunches and cooking classes in the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program under supervision of the garden and kitchen teachers and groundsman. The Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program operates for students from Grades 2 to 6. A Garden Specialist runs fortnightly 45 minute Garden Sessions from our spectacular Tipi, in which the students are taught the science and pleasures of planting, tending and harvesting of fresh fruit and vegetables, in a format that links their learning to the curriculum and gives them a sense of connection to their environment. Grades 3-6 have fortnightly 90 minute Sessions with a Kitchen Specialist, during which students learn valuable life-skills - again making links to the curriculum - as well as the Stephanie Alexander philosophy of pleasurable food education. Students prepare a four-course menu using produce they have grown, and learn how to prepare and share the dishes, allowing them to explore tastes and flavours from all around the world. Our purpose-built undercover eating area provides the ideal al fresco dining space in which to share and enjoy the food, with polished wooden decking and sliding screen cafĂ© doors that allow views to the kitchen garden where the children have tended and harvested the fresh produce. Meaningful actions, real learning and deep understandings are developed. The Yabby Pond and Trout Tank provide opportunity for students to study the growth and development of yabbies and Rainbow Trout. At present the school garden is a hive of activity, getting ready for the delights of the spring harvest after an abundance of winter produce. Olive trees are espaliered across an old iron-framed gate and ornamental pond and provide huge crops to be brined and used in the kitchen. A decorative Spiral Herb Garden provides plentiful tasty additions to the kitchen and canteen.